Dive, the leading customer service improvement company in Central and Northern Europe, has bought Servicemind in Denmark. The company will be managed by the current director Søren Lybye, a customer experience expert with years of experience.

“Servicemind has been a solid provider of mystery shopping and customer satisfaction studies for many years in Denmark and was looking for a partner with whom to keep growing and progressing,” said Kaspar Jänes, Chairman of the Board of Dive. “It matches perfectly with our plans to grow our professional team and expand geographically.”

CEO of Dive, Kerli Soosaar, said that Dive is excited to strengthen its position in the Nordics. “Having an office in Denmark and a larger shopper database in Scandinavia gives us significantly better possibilities to cover the whole region,” said Soosaar.

“Our fundamental goal has been to have representative offices in all the countries we serve. This enables us to understand national specifics, be close to our clients and support them in their local language,” added Soosaar.

“As a group we are now more than 70 people in 5 countries. We perform more than 130000 mystery visits per year, which is far more than most of our competitors,” Søren Lybye, managing director of Servicemind.

About Dive:

Dive has been a leading customer service improvement company for more than 15 years, specialising in mystery shopping and client feedback collection. For more information visit www.dive-group.com.

About Servicemind:

Servicemind is a well know Nordic brand for mystery shopping, exit interviews and customer satisfaction studies. For more information visit www.servicemind.com.