Mystery shopping providers Dive Estonia and Service Check have agreed to merge and they will continue as Dive Estonia. Siim Padar and Tauri Taimre, founders of Service Check, will join the board of Dive Estonia taking over the local management.

„Working together is a logical step as the companies have been providing the same service in the Estonian market for years,“ said Kaspar Jänes, Chairman of the Board of Dive Group.

„Due to the unification process we will have more resources and experience and we will be able to provide our clients a better quality of service,“ added Padar.

Dive Estonia is a leading mystery shopping company founded in 2003. The company belongs to Dive Group which is one of the largest mystery shopping companies in Northern Europe with a team of 50 people across five countries. More than 15000 mystery shoppers complete more than 100000 mystery shopping audits annually.

Service Check is a company created in Estonia in 2011 which provides mystery shopping, trainings and consultations.