Riwal Group, the international powered access equipment specialist headquartered in The Netherlands has entered Germany. Near Dortmund airport, in the industrial heart of Germany, Riwal has set up its first German rental location.

With its headquarters in The Netherlands and amongst others operations in Denmark, Poland and France Riwal has had many eyes on the neighbouring country for some time. “It was just a matter of finding the right local people to open up Riwal Germany GmbH.” says Dick Schalekamp, Riwal’s CEO.

In their search Soren Rosenkrands, Riwal’s GM in Denmark, contacted Christoph Scheeben, with whom he had worked for a large German rental company. “In Christoph we have found the experience, skills and motivation that are needed in order to start, build and manage the Riwal business in Germany successfully.”

Mr Scheeben is confident that Riwal Germany can make a jump start from the Dortmund location. “Compared to most other European countries the German access rental business seems to have suffered less and in several industries and areas like the enormous Ruhr area short term prospects are positive. We believe that with a combination of experienced staff from the industry and the best available equipment of manufacturers like JLG, Genie, Teupen, Wumag, Ruthmann and Holland Lift we can succeed anywhere.”

Riwal Germany will officially start its activities on May 1st, 2010 from a 3,000 m2 depot in Dortmund-Wickede, but Scheeben and his colleagues will attend Bauma to promote Riwal’s entry in the German market as well as the new Ruthmann TB270 and the Holland Lift G-320-EL30 4WDS-N on display in the Riwal colours.

About Riwal Germany GmbH
Address: Giselherstraße 7, 44319 Dortmund-Wickede
Office email: info.de@riwal.com
Christoph Scheeben (Betriebsleiter) Tel. +49 160 5575535 c.scheeben@riwal.com
Søren Rosenkrands (Geschaftsführer): Tel. +45 29680610 s.rosenkrands@riwal.com